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So you create music...

well that's great! Keep using the gift that God has given you. Do your best to surround yourself with other like minded believers and musicians. Connect with them. You never know who they know but most importantly, when you are born again you are connected to God therefore all things are possible with God.
Have you ever thought about getting your music heard? Why not start off through a music publisher that's well connected. I mean where do you think video games get there music? What about major commercials or local commercials? What about Movies, independent, major, world wide, website owners, etc.?
Where do you think cell phone companies get ideas for new RINGTONES?
Has it hit you yet?

MUSIC PUBLISHERS and (my opinion) AudioSparx is the coolest,

freshest, hottest place you'll want to join to get your music put out and heard and receive a decent pay for your work. The main point to focus on is to be grateful that God gave you a gift to create music.
There are billions of others who would love to be able to do what you do. God loves to bless a grateful heart.
So be grateful that God chose you to display creativity in the form of music.
AudioSparx (like many other music publishers) has many, many clients from all walks of life from the filming industry, TV, Video games industry, churches small and large, radio stations, website owners, etc. who are always looking for new fresh content for their next project, so don't limit yourself to just the public audience.
If you make music and you feel you have what it takes to get out there,
by all means pray about it and if you know it's a "yes" don't wait and JUST DO IT!

Again get Your music heard by not just the public but also people who are from private companies who are looking for that certain sound and that maybe you who has that certain sound they are looking for and they haven't listened to your latest work yet...

Pray about everything and then do your best in all that you do. Ask God to help you always.

Here is a golden nugget I want to share with you.



That's right, be a giver. Live as a giver. Make giving your life long commitment. Most importantly give where you know your giving is making a difference. You can give in many ways, sharing others blogs, give useful information to others in need, share someones business to another you know would be blessed by that business, praying with others even as something easy as giving someone a smile today, ask God what he wants you to give and by faith just do it and thank God for what he is doing in your life.
The more you give the more you gain.
The grateful you are the more God will give you more reasons to be even more grateful.

Reapers reap what the have sown. They always do. Good or bad.

Wise sowers sow what they desire to reap. They always do.

We don't give to only gain but we give because we are made in the image and likeness of God and God is LOVE and God (LOVE) is the greatest giver of all. Take a moment, pause and think about that for a minute.
The bible says it is more blessed to give than to receive, therefore God will reward you for your sharing.
Don't just give to gain, think about it, pause again and think about it from a deeper revelation...then,
DECLARE THIS, "I am a giver because my father in heaven is a giver, it's apart of my nature and I am glad to be used by God everyday. I am grateful for all that God has done in my life. I enjoy to give and God will reward me and I give not for the reward only, I give because giving is my nature and my father in heaven loves to give and I love to give and I believe I receive all he (GOD) has to give me as I continue to give to others I will live a grateful life, I am a giver and givers are greatly blessed, highly favored and deeply loved in Jesus name amen"!
Feel free to listen to my music online below or going to my page HERE or HERE.
If you need royalty free music for your next project, movie, TV show, radio show, play, website, etc. consider these selections below. Thank you for dropping by and God bless you! And if you're into the music business here are some COOL LINKS.

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